With better tools comes better understanding

Our disruptive enzymatic synthesis technology is transforming
how molecular biology contributes to human health,
diagnostics and personalized medicine.
how it works

DNA at



Unprecedented access to synthetic DNA opens up an entirely new way to work.
Our technology allows for a rapid, convenient way to access DNA on demand allowing life science researchers greater control over their projects.
Rapidly iterate on a time scale previously not possible. Accelerate your research with access to long, high purity DNA. Spend your day focused on solving tough problems, and forget about procuring starting material.

The first
benchtop DNA printer
powered by enzymatic

Our benchtop DNA printer is powered by revolutionary enzymatic technology, delivering a faster and environmentally-friendly alternative to outsourced, chemical-based DNA synthesis.
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Oligos in
less than a day
Up to
96 or 384 syntheses in parallel
Less than 15 minutes of hands on time
Sequence in, ready-to-use oligos out
200 pmol
yield per well
99.5% cycle efficiency